WWE Star Responds to a Fan Who Hopes the Company Will Drop His Gimmick Soon

While on the WWE main roster, Brennan Williams has had to deal with some interesting gimmicks.

In 2016, the former NFL player joined WWE, where he was introduced as Dio Madden and provided color commentary. In 2020, he was renamed Mace while participating in Retribution.

He worked with T-Bar, who is now known as NXT’s Dijak, for the majority of 2021 before being split up in the Draft and placed on SmackDown. He was repackaged as ma.çé as part of Maximum Male Models with mån.sôör last year.

ma.çé replied on Twitter to a fan who wished him a happy birthday, saying that he hopes WWE will be able to drop his gimmick soon. The WWE superstar told the fan to stop complaining because he’s having a good time working with mån.sôör.

The fan tweeted: “Happy birthday. Hope they let you drop that gimmick soon.”

ma.çé replied: “For my birthday, let’s stop complaining about my job for me. I’m quite content being silly with my best friend.”

You can check out the tweets below: