Update on Billy Graham’s Health; Has Lost 45 Pounds in 3 Weeks, GoFundMe Launched, More

(Photo Credit: Billy Graham GoFundMe)

“Superstar” Billy Graham’s wife Valerie shared more information about her husband’s health issues on a GoFundMe account that was recently set up to assist him with medical bills.

Graham “is going on over three weeks in the Mayo hospital ICU, checked into a rehab center, and is now back at the Mayo.”

On the GoFundMe page, the following was written:

“He is dealing with a myriad of very serious health issues: a major infection in his ears and skull that may take six months of intravenous IVs, congestive heart failure, diabetes, hearing loss as a result of the infection, and the list goes on. He is facing a long period of rehab, and his insurance will only pay a portion of this. He is facing at least two months in a skilled nursing facility, once he is stabilized and released from the Mayo hospital. Wayne has lost 45 pounds in the last three weeks.”

It also mentions that his wife Valerie is doing her best while working full-time, but the couple is facing mounting long-term medical bills.

Graham has had health issues for years as a result of steroid use and issues related to his time in the ring. He’s an all-time great and one of the most influential names in business history, having inspired the personas of many big names like Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, and Scott Steiner, among others.

We wish him well and hope that his health improves soon. You can donate to his GoFundMe account by clicking here.