Jon Moxley Talks About Transition From WWE To AEW, The Risk He Took Making The Move

Jon Moxley recently appeared as a guest on the Justin Kinner Show for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling.

During the discussion, the leader of the paradigm shift in pro wrestling spoke about jumping ship from WWE to AEW when he did, as well as how that was a risky move at the time he made it.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview where he touches on these topics with his thoughts.

On how jumping from WWE to AEW was a huge risk: “It was a risk for everybody. Me and Chris [Jericho] always joked that we were getting in the raft and going down the river. We had no idea what was going to come. It was all just a shot in the dark, but we all had faith.”

On AEW being part of his legacy: “If I have a lasting impact on the business, it would probably be that I helped AEW get off the ground, and I absolutely refuse to let this place ever go to hell. I will ride or die with this place. I won’t ever let it go downhill or suck or anything like that.”

On how AEW stands out from other companies: “I think the thing that sets it apart, and what we always have to remember, is that its an alternative. I think the other promotions in the past, that have tried to be the standard, kind of the WWE formula that people in North America think of as major league wrestling, and it comes off as ‘WWE Lite.’ I don’t think we should ever be that.”

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